Marpi Studios

Creative/Tech DIrection, Interactive 3D Art


Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski is a San Francisco based Technical Director / Digital Artist currently working at Obscura. His experience spans thirteen years in the industry, including 11 years in digital production environments. Marpi has migrated between different technologies and media, in both the commercial and art worlds; he has been lucky to work with and lead the most passionate and talented people in the industry.

Marpi’s creative work revolves around building 3D worlds, creating immersive Virtual Reality experiences, Interactive Art events, and storytelling in style and difference, for clients including Magic Leap, Google, Microsoft, Salvador Dalí Museum, Qatar Foundation, Li Ka-shing, Disney, Adobe, Nintendo, CNN, MTV, Puma, MGM and CNN.

His work has been publicly and professionally recognized, receiving nominations and winning several awards including Webby, One Show, Pixel Awards, SXSW Interactive, The FWA (x20+), Golden Lions and .NET Magazine site of the year. He has worked on 4 continents, visited 46 countries. So far.


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The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, US Dec 2nd
TBA, London, UK
Sub Chroma, Chicago, US Sep 16th
CAMP Festival, Calgary, Canada Sep 10th - 12th
Oregon Eclipse, Ochoco National Forest, US Aug 17th - 23rd
Sonica Festival, Venice, Italy Aug 10th - 15th
SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles, US Jul 30th - Aug 3rd
The Nehru Centre, London, UK Jul 10th - 15th
TBA, Florence, Italy Jul 1st - 3rd
3DWebFest, San Francisco, US Jun 27th
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Brasilia, Brazil Jun 18th - 25th
Currents New Media, Santa Fe, US Jun 7th - 12th
Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, US May 28th
Lumen show, Shanghai, China May 27th
Creative Tech Weekend, New York, US May 19th - 21st
EVA, Florence, Italy May 11th
Leeds Digital Festival, Leeds, UK Apr 24th - 28th
Resonate, Belgrade, Serbia Apr 19th - 22nd
Spring Festival of Earthly and Digital Delights, Los Altos Hills, US Apr 15th
Luminary: Art, Tech, Music, San Francisco, US Mar 18th
Peace, Love + Propaganda ft. Alex Cruz, San Francisco, US Mar 9th
Matchbox Salon, San Francisco, US Mar 7th
Next Art, Los Angeles, US Mar 3rd
TEDxOnBoard, San Francisco, US Feb 26th
Art and VR, San Francisco, US Feb 18th
Obscura Winter Party, San Francisco, US Feb 10th
Institute for the Future / Electronic Arts, Palo Alto, US Jan 31st, Los Angeles, US Jan 26th
Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival, London, UK Jan 16th - 28th


A New Year's Eve Party to Benefit The Lab, San Francisco, US Dec 31st
MUSE presents: Duke Dumont, San Francisco, US Dec 30th
Dance Hack Day 2016, San Francisco, US Dec 10th
Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, Wales Nov 23rd - 28th
Art and Virtual Reality, San Francisco, US Nov 22nd
Art at The Financial Conduct Authority, London, UK Nov 17th
Winns Gallery, London, UK Nov 16th - Dec 3rd
EVA Berlin conference on Electronic Art, Culture and History, Berlin, Germany Nov 11th - 12th
Codame: Artificial Experiences #ARTEX, San Francisco, US Nov 11th
Election Night projection on Empire State Building, New York, US Nov 8th
The Art of Dying Virtual + Augmented Reality Art Show, San Francisco, US Oct 28th - 30th
Kaleidoscope VR: Summer Showcase, San Francisco, US Sep 30th
Lumen Prize: 2016 Winners' Gala, London, UK Sep 29th
Art and Virtual Reality, San Francisco, US Sep 20th
2016 Summer Creative Code Immersive Showcase, San Francisco, US Sep 14th
Next Art Night, Los Angeles, US Sep 1st
Google WebVR Show & Tell, San Francisco, US Aug 26th
Building More Virtual Reality Worlds using Three.js, San Francisco, US Aug 21st
Creative Code Immersive at Gray Area, San Francisco, US Aug 2nd - Aug 6th
Building Virtual Reality Worlds using Three.js, San Francisco, US July 31st
Virtual Reality Playground at UploadVR, San Francisco, US Jun 24th
World-class WebVR with Google & Samsung, San Francisco, US Jun 16th
3DWebFest 2016, San Francisco, US Jun 15th
Google I/O 2016, Mountain View, US May 18th - May 20th
Jai Wolf 2016 Tour Stage Visuals Apr 15th - May 16th
Sculpting Virtual Worlds at Gray Area Festival, San Francisco, US Apr 24th
Live Visuals for Container at Gray Area Festival, San Francisco, US Apr 23rd
Creative Code at Gray Area Art + Technology, San Francisco, US Mar 16th


Three.js at Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, US Nov 20
Codame ART+TECH: Movement, San Francisco, US Oct 23rd - 24th
String Theory Labs Present: SENTIENCE, San Francisco, US Aug 27th
3DWebFest 2015, San Francisco, San Francisco, US Jun 15
CES 2015, Las Vegas, US - Jan 6th - 9th


Hella Party at Mighty, San Francisco, US
Stage visuals for GS&P holiday party at Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco, US
Dinz Awards event design, Auckland, New Zealand
Beastwars - Realms, Wellington, New Zealand
PLAN9, Pécs, Hungary
Dolina Kreatywna, Warsaw, Poland


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